10 Meditation Photos – Creative, Beautiful And Relaxing

I was browsing Flickr for inspiration, and came across an abundance of wonderful meditation photos.

And boy(!) did I get inspired!

Wanted to share some of this visual candy with you, and set out to find 7 meditation pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy to pick 7. I had a hard time, so I ended up with 10 great pictures. There are still a ton of more meditation photos for you to enjoy, but here is a nice selection that I hope you’ll like…

This one made me laugh out loud! A wonderful glimpse into the practice of meditating levitation. Wow, can she fly!

Love how this photo has an “outside the box” fell to it, and the editing fascinates me. Definitely makes me think, laugh and marvel. Wonderful art!

This photo seems to be a snapshot of an everyday moment, and I love how it makes me re-think everything I’ve learned about meditation positions, right pose, clothing and yogic techniques. Meditation does not have to be a complicated thing to practice!

“On the road again. Just can’t wait to get..” A surreal meditation location, but wonderful calming photo nontheless.

Now, I have no idea if Bill Murray practices meditation, but this photo is just FANTASTIC. His face looks calm and friendly, and the colors and graphics are beautifully put together into a great piece of meditation art.

This photo was taken during the occupy wall street protest, but looks nothing like a typical protest. I love how so many people have gotten together in the name of “being present” and to meditate together. Beautiful!

The background seems to be south american ruins, and what a wonderful meditation setting. A simple idea, and a wonderful photo!

How beautifully wise this frog seems, sitting there as if in a deep meditation. Makes me think about Master Yoda and his wise presence. You agree?

Sunset, meditation and silhouettes. Can it get anymore relaxing and scenic than this? Love everything about this meditation photo.

What struck me the most about this photo was the genius of putting a statue of what seems like a meditating man statue in such a location. A calm pond, nature, stones and what seems like a wonderful park around it. Loving it!

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A Purely Beautiful State Of Living

Yogi Bhajan once said that ”the meditative mind is a purely beautiful state of living”, and I find that to be a wonderful truth.

The ability to connect with yourself at a deep level beyond mind and thought is like a loving companion that keeps on giving, no matter the circumstance.

Some of meditation’s beauty comes from it’s versatility, as it has a way of adapting itself to the intention of it’s practitioner.

It can be used to reach a desired state of conciousness, to reduce stress, to increase performance, to relax, or simply practiced for it’s own sake.

So, allow yourself to meditate on this ‘beautiful state of living’, and how meditation can benefit you in your life.

Here is a video with some meditative music and some great quotes to help you along. Enjoy!

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